Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

Let us help you restore your property to normal and mitigate any aftereffects of fire and smoke damage.

SRH Restoration » Fire/Smoke Damage

What We Do

Emergency Response

Our team will reach the site within a few hours of receiving your call.

Immediate Start

As soon as the emergency response team is done, we can start our work.

Hand Clean-Up

Our team will hand clean up to ensure you are safe in your home

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Clean Up

For any fire or smoke-damaged site, our team will begin with a thorough hand clean-up to ensure that no harmful objects/materials/particles are left behind. We will also utilize specialized equipment to get the best results. The SRH Restoration team will not only clean your property, but we will also clean your belongings. Our specialized team is trained to handle soot or corrosive material clean-up and can also assist you in documenting the necessary evidence for your insurance claim, providing you with one less thing to worry about.

Damage Control & Restoration

Fire and smoke can leave extensive damage in their wake. There can be soot, unstable building structures, and unsafe materials. Exposure to soot and toxic materials can cause eye irritation, asthma, and many other health hazards. Our team will take care of any remains with specialized equipment and care to ensure your safety. We will strive to restore your property to its original condition. Our experts can do damage control for any scale of fire damage, from an accident in your kitchen to a devastating fire in large facilities. Please note that we can only help you restore your property; we do not offer any construction services.

Odor Control & Deodorization

Odor is an inevitable side effect of any fire damage site. Our team will use ozone generators for air purification. Ozone has proven to be very effective in any odor-removal activity. Do not disregard any burnt odor in your facility and attempt to tolerate it, as it can pose significant health risks. Our team will not only use ozone generators for odor control, but we will also use mild deodorizing solutions to ensure your safety.

Loss Inventory & Pack out

Any accident can make the situation very chaotic. A constant stream of people will go in and out of the accident site. Our team can help you inventory items that can be salvaged, pack them out safely, and move them to a safe facility until you can take them back to your place. In any critical situation, we understand your concern and stress. Rest assured, our capable team will take care of all necessary steps in the restoration process. Our streamlined and straightforward process ensures that you won’t face any additional pressure.
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