Emergency Cleaning Services

We provide emergency cleaning services for flood, fire, and water-damaged areas in the San Francisco Bay Area, Waikiki, and even as far south as Long Beach.

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Our Standard


We make emergency cleanup very easy. Just give us a call, and we will be at the location.


Our team is experienced and trained for high efficiency in emergencies.


We collaborate closely with your insurance agent and our restoration team to accelerate your journey back to normalcy.

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Emergency Cleaning Services

A fire-damaged site remains very dangerous even after the fire is extinguished. It would be best to avoid entering the site until after the emergency clean-up because there could be loose or destroyed structures, shoots, smoke, electric wires, and other corrosive materials. Our team is well-trained in emergency clean-up, ensuring quick accessibility for property owners. If you require emergency clean-up services, simply give us a call. There are no prolonged formalities or processes before we arrive at your site.
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